5.2 Experiment/Sample Explanations and Abbreviations

SS Suction Sample jar number follow SS (ex. SS-J4)

HFS Hot Fluid Sampler filter number follows HFS (ex. HFS-9)

GTB Gas Tight Bottle

BT Bacteria Trap trap number follows BT (ex. BT_4)

BIO Biological Sample

TWG Tube Worm Grab

RK Rock

SF Sulfide

FeO Iron Oxide

McLane McLane pump (mounted on ROPOS for collection of water column

net Plankton net bio-particulates, larvae)

TLC time lapse camera

osmo osmo (sampler or analyzer)

Temperature Probes: instrument number follows temp probe

HOBO temperature probe (152 - 419C) (ex. MTR_3208)

VEMCO temperature probe (0 - 50C)

MTR temperature probe (2 - 34C for probes deployed prior to 2000, 2-70 C for probes deployed in 2000)