Vent/Marker Experiment etc. Dive Deployed Dive Recovered Sample #
Mkr-33 area (15 m NW) Benchmark 5 R548
Mkr-33 Bac Trp 51 R549
Mkr-33 Bac Trp 52 R549
Mkr-33 BacTrps 41,42 R484 R543 R543-0006, R543-0007
Mkr-33 Grn&Cu OsmoSampler R483 R543 R543-0001
Mkr-33 BioOsmoSampler R491 R543 R543-0002
Mkr-33 OsmoAnalyzer R495 R543 R543-0003
Mkr-33 Time Lapse Camera R501 R543 R543-0021
Mkr-33 BacTrp 46 R543 R549 R549-0002
Mkr-33 BacTrp 44 R543 R549 R549-0001
Mkr-33 MTR 3292 R543
Mkr-33 MTR 3300 R543
Mkr-33 MTR 3289 R543
Mkr-33 (NW of mkr) Larval Tubes 1-4 (positioned R543 and R544) R543 R556 R556-0001 - 0004
Mkr-113 MTR 4126 R551
Mkr-113 BacTrp 19 R464 couldn't find
Mkr-113 BacTrap 4 R461 couldn't find
Mkr-N3 MTR 3176 R547
Mkr-N3 MTR 3045 R547
near Mkr-M ( Nascent area) MTR 3309 R548
3 m S of Mkr-N41 (near Nascent) Mtr-3211 R548
Mkr-N41 (near Nascent) MTR 3041 R491 R543 R543-0020
Mkr-N41 (near Nascent) MTR 3334 R543
Bag City (SW of vent) Mkr-65 R548
Bag City (SW of vent) Benchmark 4 R548
Bag City/Mkr-36 (near nemonet cam) MTR 3315 (reposition R552) R548
Bag City/Mkr-36 MTR 3049 R495 R548 R548-0003
Bag City/Mkr-36 MTR 3197 R548
Bag City/Mkr-36 NeMO Net'00 Camera R552
Castle Vent (near Anhydrite spire) MTR 3196 R547
Castle Vent BacTrap 24 R464 couldn't find
Caldera center (more or less) next to BPR Benchmark 63 R548
Caldera center (more or less) Bottom Pressure Recorder (BPR) between R545/R546
Cloud (in the pit) near Mkr-N4 Mkr 21 R543
Cloud/Mkr-N4 BacTrap 53 R549
Cloud/Mkr-N4 Bac Trap 54 R549
Cloud/Mkr-N4 BacTrap 47 R543 R549 R549-0004
Cloud/Mkr-N4 BacTrap 48 R543 R549 R549-0003
Cloud/Mkr-N4 MTR 4001 R543
Cloud/Mkr-N6/21 MTR3157 & VEMCO1108 R491 R543 R543-0015, R543-0014
Cloud/Mkr-N6/21 MTR 3208 R543
Cloud/Mkr-N6/21 MTR 4101 R543
Coquille MTR 3317 R551
Coquille MTR 4108 R551
between Crack and Daves Vents x=421417, y=5087156 Larval Tubes 5,6,7,8 R545 R555 R555-0001 - 0004
NW of Crack x=421418, y=5087140 Johnson Flow/Temp Meter R553
Crack Vent VEMCO Alvin 3246 R545 R545-0003
Easy Vent BacTrap 17 R463
Gollum Vent MTR 3026 R545
Gollum Vent BacTrap 50 R545
Gollum Vent BacTrap 45 R503 R545 R545-0001
Gollum Vent BacTrap 33 R471 reposition R545
Hell Vent1 Hobo R502
Hillock/Phoenix BacTraps 25,26 R466 couldn't find
NW of Inferno Vent x=421387, y=5087175 MTR 3048 R545
Inferno Vent Hobo 128 R503
Inferno Vent Osmosampler (didn't work) R503
Inferno Vent VEMCO 98-223 Alvin3246
Magnesia/Mkr-67 Benchmark 1 R548
Magnesia Mkr-67 R547
Magnesia OsmoSampler R499 moved to Mkr-N41 (R548) ?recovered on subsequent cruise?
Milky Vent BacTrap 35 R475
Milky/Mkr-N2 OsmoSampler R474
Milky/Mkr-N2 BacTrap 35 R476
Mushroom Vent BacTraps 29,30,31 R471 R544 R544- 0009-0011
Nascent Vent MTR 3175 R491 R543 R543-0017
Nascent Vent Mkr-M (at modified Nascent position) R543
Nascent Vent NeMO Net '99 Camera and Probes Sept '99 Chadwick cruise after R549 R549-0018
Nascent Vent/Mkr-M MTR 3287 R543
North Rift Zone Extensometers 1-4 R555
Old Worms MTR 4128 R547
ROPOS Vent MTR 3201 R545
ROPOS Vent BacTrap 49 R545
ROPOS Vent BacTraps 27&28 R466 R545 R545- 0004-0005
Snail/Mkr-N8 (nearby) MTR 3087 R547
Snail/Mkr-N8 (nearby) MTR 3320 R547
S Pillow Anomaly Benchmark 66 R546
Virgin Vent Hobo 127 (Moyer) R555
Virgin Vent Hobo 130 (Embley) R503 R545 R545-0014 (Redeployed R555)
T&S Spires MTR 3017 R497
South Cleft Benchmarks 1 - 12 Sept '99
South Cleft Extensometers 2 -7 R541
South Cleft Extensometers 8-12 R542
Vent 1 Chimney 284 Hobo 133 Cleft'98 R542
Vent 1 Chimney 284 Hobo 134 Cleft'99 R542
Vent 1 Chimney 342 Hobo 129 R542