Dive 540






Comments - Dive R540 (South Cleft Area)





Automated Logging System not giving accurate information!! All auto time, heading, depth and utm position information inaccurate! CORRECT TIME AND POSITION ENTRIES ARE FOUND IN COMMENTS COLUMN.

No samples this dive.

Tasks: Look over Cleft site and deploy extensometers.

Bottom time: none

1730 - extensometer elevator in the water

Depth is not logging correctly. This station is reading about 1/2 what it should be. X and Y seem to be close to correct. Heading is also incorrect.

2023 - ROPOS is back in the cage, ready to begin descent.

2059 - ROPOS is returning to surface due to low oil pressure.

2210 - ROPOS is back in the water heading down. Dive number is still R540.

4:21 pm - Ever get that sinking feeling? ROPOS isn't coming back up for oil, wishing for fish.

date and time appear to be fixed

back in the water after motor compensation

on deck

Firing up ROPOS and cage

time is 0533, depth 555m, heading 107. Turns out this is really dive R541 so we're going to go start a new dive log.

2002 - UTC is the correct time ROPOS is in the water. Time and date that is being logged automatically are incorrect!

2013 - all stopped at 199 meters. ROPOS is leaving the cage. There is an intermittent ground fault on the cage lights.

2056 - ROPOS is passing 1000 meters. Auto logging is incorrect.

2134 - ROPOS is at the surface. Auto logging of time, date, depth and heading are still incorrect. 2137 - ROPOS is on deck.

2023 - Auto logging for time, date, depth and heading are still not working.

Could data logging routine be working better? Sighting of new heading and depth.

on the deck again

yo yo ma, back to the garage

R540 Dive Summary: Lots of floundering with ROPOS and the logging system. DIVE aborted. No bottom time and no samples.