National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration
United States Department of Commerce

LTJG Cabot Zucker

Staff Affiliation: 
NOAA Corps

Cabot joined the NOAA Corps in January of 2018. Prior to NOAA he attended the University of Florida where he received degrees in Sustainable Development and Wildlife Ecology. After graduating in 2015 he worked as a business development consultant for various companies involved in ecosystem restoration and green building. Since joining NOAA he has served on the NOAA Ship Fairweather, working on hydrographic projects along the west coast of the United States. He has also been trained as a NOAA diver and enjoys any opportunity to get in the water for work. Cabot reported to PMEL in June of 2020. He will specifically support the work of PMEL’s Engineering Development Division in various capacities. Outside of work he enjoys outdoor activities including kitesurfing, mountain biking, and soccer.