TAO/TRITON Realtime Data Display Animation
Animation Controls
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Click repeatedly to run slower Click repeatedly to run faster Run to the end then continue at the beginning Run to the end then reverse direction
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This is a view of the current El Nino / La Nina evolving in the tropical Pacific Ocean. You are looking westward, across the equator in the Pacific Ocean, from a vantage point somewhere in the Andes Mountains in South America. The colored surfaces show TAO/TRITON ocean temperatures. The top surface is the sea-surface, from 8°N to 8°S and from 137°E to 95°W. The shape of the sea surface is determined by TAO/TRITON Dynamic Height data. The wide vertical surface is at 8°S and extends to 500 meters depth. The narrower vertical surface is at 95°W. The animation frames show monthly values for the last 60 months. All of these data come from the TAO/TRITON Array of moored ocean buoys in Equatorial Pacific.