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PMEL Software

  • FERRET - Data visualization and analysis
  • Live Access Server (LAS) - Gridded data access from the web (OPeNDAP Client)
  • ncBrowse - Java utility for browsing netCDF files - supports a wide range of netCDF file conventions (OPeNDAP)
  • Scientific Graphics Toolkit (SGT) - Java graphics developers toolkit
  • Email contact form - A program which can be used for a webpage contact, comment, or feedback form. The user of the web page enters their email address, a subject line, and text comments into a form on the web page. The utility sends the comment/feedback email to a list of recipients. Quick Start instructions help a web developer install the form into a web page in minutes. - PMEL local access only.


  • EPIC Web Utilities - Making in situ data available on the Web - available for download but no longer supported
  • EPIC Java tools - Interactive Java netCDF data file browser, Interactive Java graphics, Java collaborative tools, etc. - available for download but no longer supported
  • cdfsync - networked netCDF synchronization available for download but no longer supported
  • PMEL Virtual Reality tools and resources and visualization available for download but no longer supported
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