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April 29, 1998

Dear Interested Constituent:

On behalf of our respective agencies, we wish to express our appreciation for your interest in the Bering Sea Ecosystem. Specific recommendations were made during the workshop held in Anchorage during December 4-5, 1997. Recommendations included: 1.) coordination of field sampling plans; 2.) sharing of data bases; 3.) incorporation of traditional and local knowledge; and 4.) development of a Bering Sea Ecosystem Research plan.

Efforts have been made to create a Bering Sea web-site to facilitate the process of research planning and coordination, as well as the augmentation of an existing meta-data base to link existing data bases of various agencies and organizations. This web site can be accessed at

The Organizing Committee has developed a draft Bering Sea Ecosystem Research Plan for your consideration. Please note this draft research plan does not attempt to identify all of the various issues associated with the Bering Sea Ecosystem, but will serve as a template upon which to build. Feel free to submit concerns you feel are important to be considered in the plan.

It is our intent to submit the Bering Sea Ecosystem Research Plan to our respective agencies for funding consideration in celebration of the United Nations Year of the Oceans. We also envision the research plan to be considered for funding by the soon-to-be constituted North Pacific Research Board. In any event, time is short and we apologize for the accelerated time frame.

Additionally, we will conduct another Bering Sea Ecosystem workshop in Anchorage during June 2-3, 1998, at the University of Alaska Arts Building, room 150, to further discuss and receive your feed-back of the draft Bering Sea Ecosystem Research Plan. It is our hope that you will be able to attend and participate. We encourage you to play an active role in the development of the Bering Sea Ecosystem Plan. If you are interested in attending the workshop, please contact the Workshop Coordinator, Ms. Susan McNeil at 907-271-2480 or email Ms. McNeil at

Enclosed is a copy of the Proceedings from the December Bering Sea Ecosystem workshop held in Anchorage, Alaska, and the draft Bering Sea Ecosystem Research Plan. Thank you and hope to see you June 2-3 in Anchorage.


NOAA-NMFS: Steven Pennoyer
Department of Interior: Deborah Williams
ADF&G: Dave Benton



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