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About this document

This is a summary of a scientific workshop about the Bering Sea Ecosystem.  The purpose of the workshop was to promote research coordination and data sharing among organizations that study and utilize resources of the Bering Sea. The summary conveys the major points of the workshop and recommendations for advancing research coordination.

A comprehensive Proceedings of the workshop are compiled in a separate volume.

A two-volume court-reporter's transcript of the workshop is also available.

Organizing Committee:

Steven Pennoyer (NOAA-NMFS)
Deborah Williams (DOI)
William Hines (NOAA-NMFS)
Loh-Lee Low (NOAA-NMFS)
Pat Livingston (NOAA-NMFS)
Ron McCoy (DOI)
William Seitz (DOI-USGS)
John Martin (DOI-USGS)
Cleve Cowles (MMS)
Susan McNeil (DOI)
Joe Sullivan (ADF&G)
Phil Rigby (ADF&G)


Pat Livingston (NOAA-NMFS)
Joe Sullivan (ADF&G)

Workshop coordinator:

Loh-Lee Low (NOAA-NMFS)

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